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About Us 

DIVE Planet is a trading name of one of the biggest Scandinavian adventure travel tour operators – REISEbazaar. We are  specialised agency for divers, driven by divers. Our aim is to offer dive trips where the focus is precisely on what should be in focus - the diving.

Flights, transfers, diving - all of it is carefully arranged - all what you have to do is sit back and relax - focus on diving rather than spend time figuring out how to reach the destination and make all of the necessary arrangements for your journey. Our scuba diving trips are planned by experienced divers who also happen to be highly experienced travel professionals. Having such passion within the company for travel and diving means that we really do understand our clients and their holiday requirements. We put our clients' needs first and guarantee totally unbiased impartial advice when suggesting a dive holiday or a dive destination. Besides of our very own itineraries and tailored diving trips to the various places around the world we are also providing offers of the leading liveaboard operators and dive centres such as Aggressor Fleet, Blue O Two, Sea Explorers Philippines, Extra Divers Worldwide to name a few.

DIVE Planet offer a vast variety of underwater photo safaris, technical and wreck diving holidays escorted by some of the biggest names in the diving industry. Whichever makes you tickle - liveaboards, resort diving, reef diving, cave diving, island hopping - you name it - we've got it!

As we provide an interesting catalogue of itineraries worldwide we also run a variety of special offers for individuals as well as scuba diving clubs including group booking discounts, free spaces and inspection trips where possible. On top of it as a fully accredited IATA agent we supply competitive air fares on most of the airlines to all destinations worldwide.

Give us a call to discuss your next scuba diving adventure!

Your Security
DIVEplanet is owned by REISEbazaar AS, part of the AirTicket Group AS and is a member of Norway's regulatory body for travel services, Reisegarantifondet (RGF). All tours and travel services as long as bought as a package as defined under the Pursuant to the Package Tours Act, all organizers of package travels must provide security covering their obligation to refund monies paid and for the repatriation of the consumer in the event of the organizor`s  insolvency.

The security is normally given in the form of a bank guarantee, but the Fund may accept other adequate security.

According to the Norwegian Package Act a guarantee is required for three categories of travel arrangements:

1.    "package travels"
2.    "seat only"
3.    Travel arrangements essentially similar to a package travel.

The Fund will cover all valid claims from customers if the security provided proves insufficient to cover the claims.

Meet the Team:

Thor Vaz de Leon - A dedicated diver, globetrotter and co-owner of DIVEplanet. He has hundreds of dives under his belt and visited over 150 countries and territories. Thor started almost 20 years ago as Norway's first tour operator dedicated to adventure travel. It is amazing but has never actually dove in Norway, well... we think his several dives on the Pitcairn Island make up for that and we let him off!

Just a few of the dive locations visited by Thor:  Palau, Indonesia (Sulawesi, Wakatobi, Banda Aceh, Raja Ampath), Fernando de Noronha, Cuba, Honduras, Curacao, Bonaire, Aruba, Zanzibar, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Cook Islands , Marshall Islands, Guam, Rota, Yap, Philippines, Borneo, Tahiti, New Caledonia.

We can't keep up with his travels here so have a look at DIVEplanet Facebook and Instagram accounts to follow his adventures.

Our Ambassadors:
Vidar Skålevik - Started his adventure in scuba diving back in 1994 and became a professional underwater photographer in 2000. Vidar has won four Norwegian underwater photography championships and represented Norway three times at CMS world championship (South Korea in 2009, Cuba in 2013 and most recently in the Netherlands 2015)

In the recent years, Vidar has been one of the most prolific journalists for the Norwegian Diver magazine. Vidar does an average of over 100 dives a year including trips abroad. His articles cover anything from tropical waters to wreck diving in cold waters of Norway. In addition to photography Vidars another passion is video – you can find his channel on YouTube,  fantastic blog WEDIVE.NO by clicking here
and facebook page here

Technical diving is his another passion of his and for over 10 years Vidar is managing the Stavanger Dykkerklubb. His day to day job involves work as a safety engineer for the oil industry.
Vidar, as an ambassador of DIVEplanet can be seen together with Siv on many of our fantastic dive trips - from underwater photo safaris to research trips where we hunt for new diving locations all over the world. 

Siv Pedersen - Diver since 2008 and a very talented underwater photographer. She has began to work with Vidar in 2012. Their first championship together resulted in a victory and they worked together ever since. Siv has participated in several underwater photography championships in Norway, two of them as a photographer. Recently she has won in "Wide Angle with Diver" category and claimed 3rd place in the "thematic category", which resulted in a 4th place overall. Siv has won numerous awards for her pictures and also won prizes for her video production.

Siv is a leader at her local dive club in Harstad and works in Tax Administration. As one of our ambassadors she can be found together with Vidar on our excellent dive trips worldwide. Follow them on facebook or visit their blog page WEDIVE.NO

Atle Ove Martinussen - Atle is a historian from Norway and has been involved in documentary photographing and video for more than 35 years. He has started diving in 2003 and it is clear that this comprehensive interest in photographing and video was perfect also under water.

As a historian, Atle is very interested in underwater cultural heritage and marine archaeology. In his opinion this part of our cultural should have much more attention. Martinussen made video documentation in the field of marine archeology and some of them has been shown by Norwegian national broadcasters. In 2014 scenes from one of his videos were used in the French/German film production «Die Frauen Der Wikinger». His enthusiasm for the beauty of the underwater world became more visible after he has put on display several exhibitions of his photos in various galleries. You are most welcome to see  beauty of the underwater world through his lens and indulge into an amazing and extraordinary journey with Atle. He hopes his photos and videos make the abyss more available to others and his documentary work as well as involvement in the marine life projects around the world make a mark and a contribution to the safeguarding and caring for our fragile environment. Have a look at his Abyss Photo Facebook account to follow his latest adventures.