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Infinity Expeditions 

Are you ready for a new chapter of Epic Adventures?

The Infinity Expedition is a sailing vessel on an exceptional voyage powered by an international community. We dedicate our expedition to our oceans and strive to contribute in every way we can to environmental awareness initiatives. We strive to maintain an environment that supports and inspires integrity, respect, and humility.

Over the course of Infinity’s travels, the dreams and destiny of the Infinity Expedition gradually and organically took shape. In the past ten years, Infinity and has travelled more than 100,000 miles, learning from the sea and the people of the South Pacific, bridging worlds, opening minds, sharing adventures, and witnessing the impacts of global warming and the changing marine ecosystems.
To date more than 300 volunteers have sailed to hundreds of islands in well over 2 dozen countries. They have circled the Pacific several times, visiting lands far off tourists maps, going as remote as Ifaluk and as far as Antarctica. Along the way, the crew aboard Infinity came to meet and know people from cultures and places seldom experienced. They share their love for environmental protection and change with others from the vantage point of the open seas . They’ve been involved in numerous different conservation projects, environmental research activities, exploratory dive voyages, community projects, and with direct action team support.

The Spirit Onboard - We strive to maintain an environment aboard Infinity that inspires integrity, respect, humility and joy with a strong emphasis on the community life and group interaction. We love meeting new people and are looking forward to expanding our horizon with the many lifestyles, qualities, and the wealth of knowledge that new people bring to Infinity. Important to us are good social and communication skills, positive attitude and a high degree of self-motivation. We spend lots of time together as a group while diving, sailing, and sharing all the adventures of a life on the high seas. Everyone is welcome and at times required to participate in sailors’ duties such as shifts at the helm, raising the sails, cooking, cleaning, night watch, running systems and so forth. No previous sailing experience is required.

Diving -  is a passion for many team members onboard. With several dive instructors and dive masters present we are able to both explore remote and challenging dive sites as well as help new crew to discover new locations as every trip is basically a new destination for us as well as for you as a guest. The diving is not prepaid and there is no set dive schedule as it all depends on the voyage that you book, but the cost is a flat €15 per dive (with your own equipment).

Our next voyages across the Pacific Ocean with epic diving possibilities include;

Vanuatu - Banks & Torres Islands
Aug 22 - Sep 7, 2016
On this trip you’ll have the chance to see the very beautiful, but hardly visited Banks and Torres Islands in the north of Vanuatu. Become a true explorer with Infinity Expedition and create your own adventure in these undiscovered islands!
Vanuatu - Santo to Port Vila
Sept 11 - 25, 2016
Dive WWII history with the SS President Coolidge and Million Dollar Point in Espiritu Santo. Swim and snorkel at the Maskelyne islands, and see the ruins of the French colonial town

Vanuatu - Central & Southern Islands

Sept 29 - Oct 13, 2016
Dive the Shorts seaplane in Port Vila, only one of two seaplanes in the world you can dive. Duck for the flying lava at Mt. Yasur, probably the most spectacular volcano you can visit in the world

Vanuatu - Port Vila to Alotau (Papua New Guinea)

Oct 18 - Nov 1, 2016
Dive the Shorts seaplane in Port Vila, only one of two seaplanes in the world you can dive. Ina ddition Alotau is regarded as one of the top macro destinations on the planet. To top it all off some great ocean going sailing!


Papua New Guinea - Alotau to Rabaul

Nov 7 - 29, 2016
  • Dive reefs with pristine coral and healthy fishlife that you’ll find nowhere else as well Manta rays at the ‘Giants@Home’ dive site. Rabaul, home to many WWII wrecks and many WWII historical sites on shore.

Papua New Guinea - Rabaul to Kavieng

Dec 2 - 21, 2016

Diving the spectacular biodiversity of Kimbe Bay.  Rabaul, home to many WWII (plane) wrecks and WWII historical sites on shore. Be the only surfer on the great breaks of Kavieng.

Papua New Guinea - Kavieng to Pohnpei (Micronesia)

Jan 3 - 30, 2017
Dive around Pohnpei and the offshore And and Pakin Atolls. Great diving on unspoiled reefs, and WWII Japanese plane wrecks and enjoy the solitude of a Pacific ocean crossing.

Micronesia, Pohnpei to Marshall Islands, Majuro
Feb 4 - Mar 1, 2017

Discover diving around Pohnpei and dive the atolls of the Marshall Islands.
  • Spend a lazy day at Enemanit, and snorkel the airplane wrecks on the sandy bottom.

Marshall Islands & the Outer Atolls
Mar 14 - Apr 4, 2017
Dive the undiscovered reefs on the atolls of the Marshall Islands. Unique chance to dive the ‘Prinz Eugen’ wreck in Kwajalein as well as the ‘Nuclear Fleet’ wrecks from US atomic testing at Bikini Atoll.