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Pindito Indonesia 

Welcome aboard MV Pindito!
The only liveaboard dive boat operating in Raja Ampat with over 20 years of experience! In continuous operation since 1992 under owner Edi Frommenwiler, the MV Pindito's crew is unmatched for it's diving knowledge and experience in Indonesia. The MV Pindito launched operation in the Banda Sea and quickly expanded her routes to include Raja Ampat as well as Komodo.

The Pindito and the name Edi Frommenwiler go hand in hand. Edi had always dreamed of operating his own business, while working as a travel guide for adventure holidays all around the globe. He could convince his investors about the diving project and the beginning of the conduction of the Pindito was settled.

Together with up to 60 local vessel workers he built the Pindito on a simple shipyard in less than 12 months and the Pindito watered the Indonesian Sea for the first time in March 1992. Ever since the Pindito offers different tours, which are all well known by Edi and his crew, in the various regions of Indonesia, Irian Jaya (Raja Empat), Moluccas, Nusa Tenggara (small Sunda Isles) and around Bali. Several thousand dives, uncountable excursions to islands the fact that Edi lives in Indonesia and speaks the language (Bahasa Indonesia) guarantee that you will have the unforgettable holiday of your life, thanks to him and his experienced crew.

In 2006 the Pindito was due for a complete refit. An additional deck was built for the urgently needed camera room. Since then the Pindito meets even the expectations of the most demanding photographers and videographers with large camera tables and plenty of electricity plugs (110 and 220 volt). The bridge was moved to the top deck. The newly build sun deck is a hit with our guests, especially in the mornings and evenings.

Classical Balinese or Aroma-Therapy massages can be enjoyed on the sun deck. All the cabins and the restaurant area received a complete refit as well. The Pindito certainly belongs into the top league when it comes to the standard and service offered to her guests. Teak wood components in all the cabins and on all the decks give the Pindito a classy appearance.