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Sea Explorers Philippines 

We can now offer the best of diving and island hopping in the Philippines  with our partner  Sea Explorers. Flexibility is the key and you can decide if you want to stay on land at one of their gorgeous resorts, or if you would like to transfer by boat between the resorts and stay and dive a few days in different locations.  There are loads of activities that will keep you busy - you can also attend one of Sea Explorers Dive Safaris,  and sail around in a traditional banca boat, diving the very best locations around Cebu and Negros and choose between a livaboard or a variety of beach hotels. Sea Explorer has resorts in Alona, ​​Cabilao, Dauin & Malapascua.

When to go: Officially there are two main seasons in the Philippines - the dry season (October - June) and the wet season (July - September). However, this is a long island chain so it is difficult to generalise - some diving areas will be more sheltered some less. The area around Cebu (including Visayas and Malapascua) normally receives less rain, even during the wet season.
You can dive all year round in the Philippines but visibility decreases normally during the rainy season (July to September).
Best time to see hammerheads around Cabilao Island is between Jan-June.
Water temperature: Water temperature does not drop much in the Philippines, ranging from 25 - 28 degrees.
Currents: almost none at most of the dive sites.
Visibility: usually around 10-20m, but can go up to 30m in some of the places offshore

Alona Beach Resort, Bohol

One of the Philippines' best beaches on the southern tip of Panglao Island. Enjoy gorgeous white sand beach with pleasant beach bars and restaurants in a very relaxed environment.
Best for: Tec diving, Night dives, Mantas, Barracudas, Tunas and Dolphins

Cabilao Beach Resort, Bohol

Perfect place for those who like to chill out a little off the beaten track. You won’t find any motorised vehicles here… well, except our dive boats!
Best for: Wall diving, Muck diving, Night dives, Pygmy seahorses, Macro diving

Dauin Beach Resort, Negros

Wild nature with volcanic sand is what Dauin is made of and has as  much to offer on land as underwater. Impressive coral reef (Apo Island) and classical "muck diving" are the highlights of Dauin.
Best for: Macro diving, Coral walls, Wrecks, Wall diving

Malapascua Island, Cebu

Best for:Legendary dive spot on the tip of the Cebu Island brings you white sand,  palm-lined beaches and is its famous dive site Monad Shoal. The regular sightings of thresher sharks, a unique species of sharks known for its long dorsal tail and docility made this spot a unique dive site in the whole world. For divers the thresher shark encounters are an extraordinary and once-in-a lifetime experience.
Best for: Thresher sharks (up 5,5-6m long), Fantastic macro, Soft corals, Wrecks  and Manta


With over 80 available dive sites with a variety that is out of this world  Sea Explorers gives  you a  wonderful opportunity to experience some of the best diving South East Asia has to offer.

With Sea Explorers Philippines Island Hopping, you can combine 4 of the most famous dive destinations of the Philippines in one vacation. Choose between Alona Beach with its popular Balicasag Island, get to discover the tiny pygmy sea horses around Cabilao, Dauin with its world famous muck diving or Malapascua with the elegant Thresher Sharks.No need to decide ahead how many dives you want to do at each Sea Explorers Dive Center. Get one dive package and decide on the spot how many dives to do at each destination.

To cover the request of our guests who value our speedy and multilingual service of our Cebu Office and giving you a wider range of destinations, we now also offer additional destinations. We work with selected partner dive centers and their connected resorts which provide similar quality and safety standards like our own dive centers.